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Sun Aug 1 06:19:44 CDT 2021

Hello:  I wanted to share a Red-tailed Hawk sighting/experience from yesterday here in Southwest Rochester.  The golf course I play has resident Red-tails nearby.  They nested in a wooded area and have brought their two young to the golf course where it is common to see them, sometimes even all four at once flying and soaring.  Lots of chatter too.  Yesterday on the fifth green and sixth tee area  one was soaring above us and calling.  Another Red-tail came flying in and was around 10 to 20 feet above the one calling.  All of a sudden it dropped a mouse or shrew and the hawk below caught it in mid air in its beak.  The hawk took it to a bare tree top and the other hawk landed in another bare tree top 50 feet away.  The hawk that caught the mouse kept callings and  I thought it dropped the mouse but before we left the tee the hawk quit calling and had lunch.  That catch in mid air was quite the sight.  One would assume it was a parent and youngster but who knows.
Thanks, Robert JessenRochester, Olmsted County
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