[Mnbird] Two Moms

DONALD GRUSSING Owner cdrussin at centurylink.net
Sat Jun 27 18:51:16 CDT 2020

Just about an hour ago I was driving next to the General Store in Minnetonka, just south of Hiway 7, when some ducks in the road caused me to slow down. There were nine tiny ducklings, a day or two old, no more. Their mothers were guiding them across the road to a ;tiny pond just south of the General Store parking lot. Both female mallards were tending the brood. I watched them as long as I could until they went into heavy cover. 

I have never seen two mallard hens working in tandem to take care of one brood. I wonder how that happened. Geese do it all the time, and single ducks of many species can add some stragglers to their broods. But two moms? 

I worry about them because the ducks often want to cross the Hiway to ponds on the north side, and the traffic is intense. 

Don Grussing 
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