[Mnbird] Bluebird timing

Betsy Kerr bjkerr at umn.edu
Mon Jun 22 11:37:51 CDT 2020

For two of the last five or so summers, we have enjoyed hosting an Eastern
Bluebird pair in a nestbox in our Golden Valley yard (two blocks from N.
Minneapolis, but near Theodore Wirth Park and a full block of just grass).
This year, one or both of a pair were seen or heard on occasional visits,
starting around late May (May 23rd was the past arrival date), but they
never stayed for long. Now the pair have been spending much more time in
and around the box, leading me to think that they are going to nest here
after all.  My question is about the timing.  It seems late for a first
brood, but too early for a second.  Any thoughts?

Betsy Kerr
Golden Valley, MN
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