[Mnbird] Cerulean Warbler, Acadian Flycatcher, Rice County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sat Jun 13 22:41:59 CDT 2020

At Cannon River Wilderness East, in the Dundas/Northfield area, the
original stair access from the parking lot has been freed of fallen trees
and debris from the tornado of two years ago.  Although the park signage
marks the new switchback trail entrance on the north side of the lot, that
path is narrow and steep, rather daunting. The old stairway has a rope
hand-hold and leads down to the boardwalk, which is basically intact.
Damage to the forest both above and within the ravine was major, but the
footbridge over the creek seemed untouched. The path along the creek
remains, and has been mowed a foot or so on each side for easier passage.
While the storm downed many trees, the effect was more of a thinning; it
left standing, a good many of the mature trees that lined the banks and
hills on either side of the stream. The clearer understory makes for easier
At the head of the ravine, the Acadian Flycatcher was giving its call; it
later moved downstream and perched briefly at eye height. A pair of Indigo
Buntings was equally cooperative, foraging at waist level. Many other
regular species were detected such as Great-crested Flycatcher, Red-eyed
and Yellow-throated Vireo, E. Wood Pewee, E. Towhee, American Redstart,
Common Yellowthroat, and House Wren among them. There were fewer Ovenbirds
heard than usual, and no word from the expected Wood Thrush or Scarlet
Tanager, but this was already mid-morning. What did call, was the one voice
always sought here in the past: the Cerulean Warbler. It was about half way
down the length of the ravine, an area where Ceruleans were seen in many
past years. *If it continues there, the thinner canopy should make good
*Linda Whyte*
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