[Mnbird] Mulberries

Linda Whyte linda at moosewoods.us
Fri Jul 3 06:05:21 CDT 2020

On yesterday's morning exercise walk I did "something wild"---I stopped to
look at a Common Grackle, wondering what it was chasing and feeding on, in
the middle of Lilydale road. It turned out to be a huge hatch of
Mayflies---their timing may be tardy, but the birds didn't mind, and we can
be glad if it indicated cleaner waters on the Mississippi, a few yards away
(though it's kind of slick power-walking through the insect carnage)!
Linda Whyte

On Thu, Jul 2, 2020, 10:01 PM Al Batt via Mnbird <mnbird at lists.mnbird.net>

>   The mulberry trees in my yard are trembling as if they have a keen
> understanding of the world situation. The trees aren't nervous. At least, I
> don’t think they are. Birds were feeding on the berries. I paid particular
> attention to the trees today and watched robins, orioles, cardinals, Blue
> Jays, Great Crested Flycatchers, thrashers, catbirds and grackles feed.  I
> ate a few myself.
> Al Batt
> Freeborn Co.
> “Do something wild today. Look at a bird.” — Al Batt
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