[Mnbird] Southeast/rural metro birds today

Kyle TePoel KCTEPO00 at smumn.edu
Sat Sep 21 21:18:58 CDT 2019

I led a birding tour with some folks from Florida this morning, and despite
a rainy start and windy afternoon, we wound up with 60 species in a handful
of locations. Some of the highlights included a Black Duck, two Merlins
(one successfully hunting), good numbers of Pelicans (both on the water and
flying over), flyby Franklin's Gull flocks, Snipe and Solitary Sandpipers
(at Old Cedar Avenue), and Peregrines at both Old Cedar Avenue and 140th
Street Marsh (1 at each).  Raptor migration seemed to be having a decent
day, with 6 species on the move (and several groups of Vultures as well).
Warblers were limited to just a few species (Northern Waterthrush,
Yellow-Rumped, Nashville, Tennessee) at a couple spots. One lone
hummingbird along the Mississippi in Hastings. Multiple small flocks of
southbound Chimney Swifts in Afton State Park.  Not much sparrow action
yet--did see some juvenile Vespers in rural Dakota County among other
resident species here and there.  Fun day to be out and thankfully the rain
mostly held off!

Kyle Te Poel
Stillwater Township
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