[Mnbird] Anoka county oak grove sightings

Pamela Freeman gleskarider at gmail.com
Sat May 25 10:26:53 CDT 2019

A sleek olive bird, wearing a mask (?) was at my jelly feeder this morning.
Petite, with a tiny pointy beak that heborcshe dipped daintily into the
jjelly once, twice, three times,  before carefully wiping it on the small
branchlet it perched upon.
I couldn't quite makevitvout, my glasses and binoculars both not near.

I looked in both Sibley and Audubon after, and can only surmise a vireo?
Red eyed, perhaps? But jelly?  Has anyone any knowledge of vireos eating

Just before that I spied my foy  indigo, perched on my garden fencing,
framing himself within its squares.
I've likely seen a female and not recognized her, without the flash of blue.

Now, where are the tanagers? I usually am gifted a viewing or two when they
deign to come to my jelly, before the leaves in the upper stories obscure
them completely and the insects are not perhaps plentiful yet.
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