[Mnbird] Jealous

Brian and Cindy bcdrill at charter.net
Thu May 23 08:28:52 CDT 2019

My husband has been bragging that he finally saw a male RB grosbeak 
drinking at the fountain, while I have seen only females in the yard 
thus far.  He went on and on about how beautiful it was, so red (?).  
This morning I showed him a photo from a friend, showing the grosbeaks 
there, and he told me that was not the bird he had seen.  After 
additional description, I showed him a different photo--bingo!!  He had 
seen a male scarlet tanager!! That would have been a new yard bird for me!

Meanwhile, we do have a pair of Orioles visiting frequently. This 
morning I had a couple of Kinglets come in for a bath in the low 
fountain, and there is a Swainsons thrush also hanging about. Cindy in 
North Mankato

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