[Mnbird] Some FOYs

Kim Wilcox wilco001 at umn.edu
Wed May 8 16:13:32 CDT 2019

Yesterday, I was excited to see a male Northern Oriole and a male
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in our Otsego backyard. I had to scramble to get our
oriole feeder up - the deck where it usually hangs is being rebuilt! The
feeder is currently in a less than ideal spot (too much people and dog
traffic) until I can find a better one. Now I have to figure out where to
put the hummingbird feeder, also previously on the deck, in anticipation of
the hummers' arrival, which is usually around the same time as the orioles
and grosbeaks. We've also still got a lot of white-throated sparrows and
some butterbutts hanging around under the seed feeders.



Kimerly J. Wilcox, Ph.D.
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