[Mnbird] Red Breasted Nuthatch

Brian and Cindy bcdrill at charter.net
Fri Sep 14 13:25:23 CDT 2018

Good afternoon.  I have enjoyed some brief visits by a red breasted 
nuthatch in the last few days.  Common in northern MN, not so often here.

Came home from a short vacation to empty thistle socks (4 of them).  
Went to purchase more nijer, and the clerk at the pet store commented 
how busy they have been selling thistle and finch blend.  Many customers 
commenting on heavy feeding by goldfinches, and worry that is a sign of 
early winter.  I suggested more a bumper crop of young this year, 
judging by the flocks I have seen here.  Any thoughts?

Cindy in North Mankato

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