[Mnbird] 100s of warblers

Roxann Snyder rsnyder at visi.com
Fri May 25 11:42:39 CDT 2018

I wanted to share with all the birders:  Last week, May 14th - 18th I was on
shores of lakes in Aitkin County.  Sisabagama & Section 10 lake... I saw
100s of warblers passing through the trees (and on the ground).  They were
moving quietly, in flocks of warblers!!  It went on for almost 4 days.  17
different species, though I think there were more.  I haven't seen this type
of migration of warblers in YEARS! (I've been looking in the wrong places!)
The trees were budding such that there were those small tresses hanging from
the buds.  AND there were many insects, due to the warm weather.  I was
birding by myself.. Could have used some help!


1.      100s of yellow rumped, 

2.       100s of yellow, 

3.       Blackburnian (dozens: male & female)

4.      Black poll (dozens)

5.      black & white (dozens)

6.      Bay breasted (3)

7.      Palm (lots)

8.      Redstarts (many)

9.      Connecticut

10.   Cape May (dozens)

11.   Canada (dozens)

12.    Wilson's      ( few)

13.   Magnolia (one)

14.   Northern Parula (one)

15.   Tennessee

16.   Chestnut sided (1)

17.   Common Yellowthroat 


Roxann Snyder


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