[Mnbird] What a treat it has been!

Mary Norman marylouisenorman at gmail.com
Thu May 10 22:10:15 CDT 2018

I just read Roger’s email about what a spring it has been in birding, and that one can sit on the deck and see more than going on a hike!  I can attest to that!  The last few days it seems the migration has ramped up and is on high octane, and I hope it continues like this  a few more days!   Today in my back yard in Waconia, I had 10 R B Grosbeaks, about 8 Orioles, including an Orchard, more White T Sp than I had a couple of weeks ago, a Lincoln, a pair of bluebirds, house wrens, yellow rumps galore, yellows, black and white, 2 female and 1 male redstart, a ton of American Gold Finches, some I expect were female with the brightest green.   Also a brown thrasher, and the prize of the day, a chestnut-sided!  Such clear beautiful lines on it!

I did go to Carver Park in Victoria on a birding walk by the Nature Center, and found yellow rumps, palms, redstarts, common yellowthroats, black and whites, White T Sp, flitting through trees and on the ground, just bunches of them coming in.   Thrushes too, mostly Swainson’s, cat birds, a least flycatcher.   And many got away without me being able to ID them.  

Happy spring at last!

Mary Norman  

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