[Mnbird] Backyard Scott County

Roger Schmidt priorlaker at icloud.com
Thu May 10 21:17:13 CDT 2018

I've been spending some quality time on my deck with the binoculars the past week or two. This last weather system appears to have dropped some migrators in my backyard. We have the Ruby-throats of course. More than I've seen in some years. It appears that Chickadees and Hummingbirds are mortal enemies :) I watched as a Ruby chased a Chickadee. Chickadee lit on a branch and the Ruby continued taunting it. Chickadee said, "Enough!" and took after the Ruby. Chickadee calls it off and once again and branches only for the Ruby to say, "Oh no you don't!" and took after the Chickadee again. I've got bird gang wars going on in my backyard. I laughed out loud. It was a hoot.

I'm seeing the usual suspects for Warblers. Today I spotted my first Redpoll. However, the treasure today was spotting a Wilson's Warbler! That tiny black eye on that yellow face with it's black cap. What a treat!   My wife and I often go out on walks looking for birds and we have said many times now, we see a better variety of birds sitting on our deck than going out on hikes. I love it.

Is this the best time of year…….or what!?

My best,


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