[Mnbird] Kentucky Warbler, Rice C

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Thu May 3 05:46:38 CDT 2018

Though others saw this bird yesterday morning at the site described and
mapped earlier, it was also seen after the noon hour farther downstream,
where the creek makes a sharp bend toward the two small lakes.

Laura Coble and I started our walk from the north, on 19, taking the dirt
path on the hillside, that parallels the lakes and stream. Just before that
path intersects pavement and a bridge over a dry ravine, there was a
proliferation of bird activity. In a budding tamarack (?) mixed Warbler
species seemed to be "bugging", as though there was some significant

Among those birds was a standout, with clean, brilliant yellow
under-plumage, and plain olive green/brown uppers. The crown seemed
slightly darker. The auriculars and eye area had dark marking, but we were
unable to get a good look at the yellow "spectacle" arc above the eye.
After minutes of rapid feeding, it zipped down over our heads toward the
stream bank below, and we lost track of it. Unfortunately, it made no
confirming song or call.

We didn't find the reported Prothonotary, but there was an abundance of
other migrators: Brown Creeper, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Black-and-white
Warblers, Nashvilles, Orange-crowneds, Black-throated Green, Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher, and Yellow-rumps. Those that will move on will have easy
access along the stream, to the Cannon River, which should certainly be
worth checking.

Our thanks to Dave Bartkey for helping us search the original Kentucky site
to look for the Prothonotary--too, we might not have seen the roosting
Barred Owl, if we hadn't stopped to chat !
Linda Whyte
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