[Mnbird] Mou at the fair

kkelnberger kkelnberger at boreal.org
Sun Jul 22 22:38:37 CDT 2018

Thanks to all of the volunteers who have signed up to work at the MOU 
booth.  There are a few remaining shifts.

It is important that these two 5-9 shifts have at least one volunteer.  
The DNR requires that we keep our booth open until 9:00 because the main 
DNR building is open until 9:00 and that is where we store our cabinets.

Two volunteers best but one will do
Saturday August 25:  5-9
Friday August 31:   5-9

One volunteer needed for these shifts:
Friday August 24: 5-9
Monday August 27: 1-5
Thursday August 30: 5-9
Saturday September 1: 5-9

email me, Kate Kelnberger: kkelnberger at boreal.org

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