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I believe you have a sighting of the black masked ring tailed  jelly
stealer. It is also known to like peanuts. Also sunflower seeds. But in the
area around where I live, it takes down jelly feeders.
Cute, but pernicious.
- Pamela
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> I had a first ever sighting of a Western Kingbird on my deck.  What a
> beautiful bird. I have those green metal arms that clamp to the deck rail
> to hang feeders on. To make them more hospitable for the birds, I find like
> length or longer dead branches and zip tie them to the hooked arms. I'm
> sure the birds love them. It was on one of these the Kingbird was perched.
> It was morning feeding time, so those branches/feeders were were abuzz with
> activity. I suspect it was curious about all the activity.
> I'm hoping to see it again while sitting on the deck with my Canon
> outfitted with my birding lens.
> Can anyone identify this bird at my peanut dish??
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/7d_ef/29120673898
> <https://www.flickr.com/photos/7d_ef/29120673898/in/dateposted/>
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