[Mnbird] Possible egret sighting?!

Steve Steele tempou812 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 18:08:03 CST 2018

I took a look at some photos of  leucistic ted-tailed hawk, and I bet that's what it was. It is the right size and very white.

Thanks for the help!

Steve Steele

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Another possibility is the leucistic Red-tailed Hawk that has been hanging out in that general area of 494 for the past few years.  I saw it a little further north of there a few days ago.

Nancy Verba

Maple Grove

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There is an active Bald Eagle nest in that location. Any possibility the bird wasn't completely white.

Don Grussing


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Subject: [Mnbird] Possible egret sighting?!

As I was zipping along 494 next to Bryant Lake this afternoon, I spotted a large, pure white fly into a tree along the lake right next to the highway. I didn't get a good look, but enough to tell it was definitely not a snowy owl. Maybe an escaped tropical bird of some sort? Seems a little (lot) early for egrets.

Anybody else in the area notice it?

Steve Steele

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