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Linda Whyte linda at moosewoods.us
Mon Sep 12 21:24:43 CDT 2016

Yes, it's pretty common. Ours do great imitations, not only of Red-tails,
but also Cooper's Hawks. They use it to clear the feeders of competition. i
wouldn't be surprised if they do it to warn each other of the presence of
real raptors, for that matter.
We live not far from you, and I've been hearing more of such sounds lately,
perhaps from the many jay flocks moving southward.
Linda Whyte

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 11:49 AM, Jon Gorder via Mnbird <
mnbird at lists.mnbird.net> wrote:

>     For about two weeks we've been hearing a distinct Red Tail call around
> our block here in St. Paul.
> We thought maybe an early migrator stopping for rest but then it kept up
> for days on end. I finally heard it in a tree right outside our place and
> went out with binoculars and found a Blue Jay in a white pine overlooking
> the peanut feeder and it was just doing a perfect imitation of a hawk.
>     We knew some Corvids were pretty good mimics but never heard of this
> behavior. Is it more common than we know?
> Jon and Lisa,
> Cathedral Hill
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