[Mnbird] Golden-winged wrabler, Hennepin Cty.

Betsy Kerr bjkerr at umn.edu
Sun Sep 11 19:04:52 CDT 2016

At about 6 p.m. I observed a Golden-Winged Warbler (my first!) in Theo.
Wirth Park. I had gone biking with my binoculars.  I was walking my bike up
the steep paved path from Bassett Creek to Wirth Parkway, just south of the
bridge over the railroad tracks and Golden Valley Road.  I stopped for a
flock of Cedar Waxwings, then noticed what I thought were some warblers
feeding in what I think was a hackberry tree.  I only got a very quick
general view, but had a slightly longer view of the black throat and then
the bright yellow stripe on the crown.  Just like Sibley says, if not for
the crown I would have thought it was a chickadee.

Betsy Kerr
Golden Valley, MN
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