[Mnbird] Red-Headed Woodpecker, Fillmore Co.

Kyle TePoel kctepo00 at smumn.edu
Thu Sep 1 13:51:23 CDT 2016

Belated post here due to travel, but earlier in the week I was in Rushford
and saw a Red-Headed Woodpecker on Tower Ridge Road.  The road ascends west
of MN-43, and the bird was flying along the edge of some woods bordering a
farm near the peak of the hill just before the road descends steeply
westward toward the town of Peterson.  In 13 years of regular visits to the
area (and birding this road specifically), it's the first one I've seen.  I
have suspected hearing them in the general area before but this was my
first visual confirmation.

Kyle Te Poel
Columbia Heights, MN
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