[Mnbird] Prairie Merlin

dan&erika danerika at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 11:57:50 CST 2016

Hi All—Yesterday John Holden and I photographed a Merlin about two miles
west of the 180th Street Marsh in Dakota County. We assume this bird is the
Prairie race of the Merlin. The photo is on my blog, along with a photo of
a Richardson’s Merlin taken a few years ago in Rice Co.  My understanding
is that the Prairie race of Merlin is less common than the Richardson’s in
eastern Minnesota. http://dantallmansbirdblog.blogspot.com


Dan or Erika Tallman
Northfield, Minnesota
danerika at gmail.com


".... the best shod travel with wet feet...Beware of all enterprises that
require new clothes ....”—H. D. Thoreau
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