[Mnbird] Bass Ponds, Bloomington

Kyle TePoel kctepo00 at smumn.edu
Thu May 19 22:05:49 CDT 2016

Of note at the Bass Ponds/Hogback Ridge trail of MN Valley NWR this evening:
Sora, two terns (looked like Common), a lone White Pelican, and various
shorebirds (flock of Least, one each of Willet, Spotted and Solitary
Sandpipers), and a pair of Sandhill Cranes in the grassy island of Long
Meadow Lake.  Only a few warbler species.

Additionally, a large snapping turtle (and a tiny baby snapper as well), a
softshell turtle, and a Brown (or DeKay's) snake.

Kyle Te Poel
Columbia Heights
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