[Mnbird] Ramsey County Swans

Kyle TePoel kctepo00 at smumn.edu
Wed May 18 16:50:39 CDT 2016

Over the past two weeks, every time (5 times to be exact) I go to one of
the lakes in the Vadnais/Snail Lakes area (including Vadnais, Snail, Grass,
and Sucker Lakes), I see Trumpeter Swans.  Usually a pair, once just a
single swan.

Is it just my luck that every time I go to one of the lakes, the swans are
at that lake at the same time as me?  Or does anyone know if separate pairs
of swans are residing on each lake simultaneously?

All of these lakes are just north of 694 and in the vicinity of Rice and
Victoria Street exits.

Kyle Te Poel
Columbia Heights
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