[Mnbird] Pics from the 180th St Marsh

Roger Schmidt priorlaker at icloud.com
Mon May 9 20:17:32 CDT 2016

I've only been birding a few years. I don't remember seeing many Yellow-headed Blackbirds growing up in Eagan. When I heard from a co-worker that that people would gather with binoculars at the marsh on 180th St to see some "yellow headed something or other" she got my attention. I got directions from her and landed there this past Saturday and Sunday to take photos. This "yellow headed something or other" is a bird to love. And I do. What a treat to see and hear something that's been only a distant memory.

Anyway, here are a few pics I took of that beautiful bird. I have many more to post, If you'd like to stop by at a later date I'll have more.

Thanks for looking,


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