[Mnbird] where are the robins?

Roxann Snyder rsnyder at visi.com
Mon May 9 11:48:08 CDT 2016

Has anybody noticed the decline in the robin population?  Our neighborhood
has always been full of robins; the past couple years their population has
declined.  And this year, there is barely a robin in a 6 house radius from
ours.  There were more robins just before the lawns got sprayed.  Many
people in our neighborhood spray their lawns w/ non-organic weed killer.
I'm not positive, but it sure seems related.  (and it makes sense since
robins are ground feeders.)


Is anybody keeping data on robin populations?  I would like to become
involved.  Can anybody direct me to someone that can help me get started.


Roxann Snyder

Ps I remember that there used to be robins all over, I would see robins on
various lawns everywhere.


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