[Mnbird] Bonus bird, Rachel Lilly Preserve, Dakota County

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Mon May 2 19:55:42 CDT 2016

On my way elsewhere early this morning, I made a 10-minute stop at the
preserve to check on Sedge Wrens seen there on a prior walk, wanting to
know if they'd been travelers or had taken up residence. Just east of the
middle path downhill into the grasses, one of the Sedge Wrens teed up on a
little shrub and sang out, so residence is likely.
To my delight, another bird, less expected, began calling from the grasses
near the path--what I think of as the "hiccup" sound of the Henslow's
Sparrow ! I don't recall seeing them there in the past, though the habitat
seems right. Perhaps the recent extensive work on invasives removal made
the rolling, grassy hills more inviting., even if only for a "pit stop". In
any case I'll be looking for them there in future walks.
(What's next for the Preserve? Bobolinks? :-)
Linda Whyte
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