[Mnbird] Lyon County

ssmorton ssstnnph at mvtvwireless.com
Sun Sep 6 14:20:34 CDT 2015

Sunday morning drive through the county yielded the following highlights:


2 adult and 4 young Trumpeter Swans (Pond below Lyon County Dump)

1500 + Franklin and ring bill gulls at same location, on the road near dump.

2 red headed woodpeckers

Wilson warbler

5 longspurs

Bald eagle

2 wood ducks (looked like spring ducklings)

Red tail hawk

Warbling vireo



Pied billed grebes



Lots and lots of mourning doves

5 kestrels

2 eastern bluebirds

A few starlings and house sparrows

2 savannah sparrows

2 vesper sparrows

Lots and lots of eastern kingbirds


Marsh wren

Black terns

Great blue heron



Did not see any redwing or yellow headed blackbirds.


Sue Morton

Cottonwood, MN



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