[Mnbird] Aaaaaaa! Too many birds migrating through

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Thu Sep 3 10:44:24 CDT 2015

I am sitting at my desk indoors trying to work and I have simply hundreds of warblers and other migrants and YOY dripping off the trees outside my home office window here in Maple Grove. I would need four sets of eyes at least to catch all that is happening and who is bathing, feeding or just moving through. So far, dozens of redstarts, magnolia warblers, YOY cedar waxwings, tennesees, etc, YOY woodpeckers of all typical variety including pileated, finches, vireos, and I am sure many others. My eyes hurt and my fingers ache from refocusing and darting about trying to ID and move on.

Yikes! What a summer!!

Thomas Maiello
Maple Grove

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