[Mnbird] SW Lino Lakes, Anoka County activity

MARY ANN MCDOUGAL 11921 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 31 19:34:36 CDT 2015

Brown thrasher here on former suet tree yesterday. I had to move the suet due to BFR(Big Fat Raccoon).

Mallard war here last eve.  Pair is back safely in their little water hole. Peace tonight.

Turkeys gobbling from neighbor’s yard at mid morning

Pileated Woodpecker went to hole in Wood duck house. Will investigate tomorrow.

A pair of American White Pelicans were soaring very high at 6:30 PM.Spotted them  out the window to the SE.

Juncos & American Tree sparrows still here.

Barred Owl has been vocalizing from the South swamp several times today.

No Snipe or Woodcock yet.

Albino Squirrel here most days.

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