[Mnbird] South Dakota

Brian and Cindy bcdrill at charter.net
Sun Mar 22 07:17:10 CDT 2015

Greetings!  After spending two weeks working in South Dakota I drove 
home yesterday morning.  We must have seen 40+ roadside pheasants that 
morning, the majority of them still alive, thank heavens--lovely 
roosters, and a handful of hens.  The best sight was mass migration of 
waterfowl, primarily flocks of geese, in amazingly incredible numbers.  
Near Ipswitch, SD, we drove beneath strings of birds for 2 or 3 miles 
continuously, always seeing more in grey streaks along the horizon. In 
one field a huge flock was either dropping in to rest or regrouping 
after spending the night, too far off the road to be identified while 
driving, except to appear as a tumultuous mass of bodies and wings the 
size of a pond.  Most of the overhead birds appeared to be mixed 
flocks--Canadians, with some obvious Snow Geese included, and more.  
There were duck flocks as well, and every water way long Hwy 12, even if 
frozen, had a few birds resting on it.  Small Coots were recognizable, 
but others not so much at highway speeds.  It certainly made my drive 
pleasant to have that experience--Spring is coming!  Cindy in North Mankato

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