[Mnbird] Ospreys in the Metro area

Vanessa Greene osprey.mn at att.net
Sat Mar 21 17:09:33 CDT 2015

Osprey season has officially begun with the first report of a sighting in the southern suburbs so I am posting my annual plea for new nests or sightings to be reported to the Twin Cities Metro Osprey Watch. We have an informative page on Facebook, have a blog at ospreywatch.blogspot.com or you can email us at osprey.mn at gmail.com. Last year we had 101 occupied nests and 89 nests where eggs were laid in the metro area!  126 chicks survived to fledging age. We are always in need of help monitoring all these nests, so if you are interested in getting involved and watching a nest thru the breeding season, contact us!  We are happy to answer questions about ospreys in the Twin Cities Metro area! Thanks.

Vanessa Greene
Twin Cities Metro Osprey Watch
osprey.mn at gmail.com

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