[Mnbird] missing birds

Gkuyava at aol.com Gkuyava at aol.com
Sun Jun 28 19:38:34 CDT 2015

After seeing several comments about fewer birds around it became obvious to 
 me  that we are experiencing the same problem in t he east Duluth  area.  
I attributed some to migration and then the busy birds  nesting  and taking 
care of their young.  Except for the hummers almost no birds are  seen at 
our feeders.  
the spring migration seemed normal but it has been not normal since. No  
chickadees, nuthatches, grosbeaks or most of the sparrows and goldfinches.   
What is going one.  Has the bird flu that has affected our poultry  flocks 
moved on to the wild birds?
Gary Kuyava in Duluth  
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