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Hi Jon and Lisa,

Take a look at this: http://artusobirds.blogspot.ca/2011/10/taste-of-cuba.html  and get in touch with any questions.  Cuba is a fantastic birding destination and easy to get to the birding sites and see most of the endemics in a one-week trip. The habitat however is not as "untouched" as you might hope.

Christan Artuso (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

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    With what  I consider great good news I want to propose a selfish question. Anyone on this list ever birded Cuba?
I know there's a huge area of mountain and jungle that has been untouched, I guess, forever. Untouchable for farming or grazing, it would seem a brilliant place for birds.
`On the other hand I'll bet there's no place to stay, eat, sleep etc.

Anyone with more knowledge than my brains abyss please write something here.
  There might be great and affordable fun to have down there.       Where is Desi when we need him? {Only people over 39 will get that reference}.
     Anyway, anyone birded Cuba?                                                     Jon and Lisa
                                                                St. Paul

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